Maidens so sweet with your lamps all bright

Lighting the way through the starry night

Waiting with music and lilting voice

Arrayed in garments of finest choice.


Sundown has darkened the village streets

Ten drowsy maidens are fighting sleep

While cheery lanterns are growing dim

Will they expire ‘ere the groom comes again?


There’s a delay and the girls slump down

All fast asleep in their bridal gowns

Glad shouts are ringing down the lane

The bridegroom comes make your lanterns shine.


The girls rouse quickly their lamps to trim

But some will lament that their oil is gone.

Oh virgins listen that have to share

You won’t run out for the Lord put it there.


The widow's vessels all had enough

Of oil from God when she but asked

And you will to for your sister’s need

It is blessed by God, so please give heed.


Marilyn Friesen

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