Untitled: For Three Days. Um What Shall I Call It Now?
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Untitled: For Three Days. Um What Shall I Call It Now?

Whoo-wee...I'm getting somewhere! It was beginning to feel like you needed a degree in "Computerology" plus a few letters after my name to get my website off the ground and into cyberspace, but I just might have done it.

Not bad for a senior citizen, eh. Hey you, I mean all of you with graying hair who are looking over your glasses at me, just because you're so smart doesn't mean I can't try wriggling up to the top also!

I have so much to offer, but it seems pitifully little. I pour out my heart in my writings of historical novels, and they mean so much for me. This video, ---if I learn to download it properly!!-- will tell you a lot about where my heart is when it applies to writing.

OK now let's see if that link will cooperate!

No, it didn't but if you run over to Linked-In, it bravely showed up there.

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