• Cheery Notes!


When is the last time something triggered a memory for you? Isn't it intriguing that the whiff of a certain scent can bring back scenes from long ago? Wow! I can't get behind the scientific reason for that one.

This morning combing my hair made me think of one of my cousins. It wasn't a certain odour that brought her 'picture' to my mind, but what I was doing. But why? Why her, and why right then? Then I recalled: it was how she parted her hair. No, it wasn't a zig-zagged partings that some think look so cool, but one that was as straight as can she could do with one swift stroke of the comb. Me? I have to be ever so careful.

I hope to finish the deck this afternoon and it probably is the fumes in this case that triggers this 'recall'. Once as a young bride I was merrily painting away on a picket fence and my husband's parents were helping. Very calmly and matter-of-factually, my mother-in-law pointed out some areas I had missed. My face likely flamed with embarrassment and to this day I remember thinking I had painted like a carefree sanguine child. You can be sure I have been very careful since.

So what memory-triggers do you have? I hope my

'cheerful chirping' can help you continue your day with a lighter heart.

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