The Torn Wing
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The Torn Wing

"Oh yes, good morning to you, too, but I can't imagine why you are at singing while it is still dark out."

I managed to focus enough to discover that it wasn't truly dark: Morning was peering in behind the blind and Little Miss Songbird had every right to announce that Dawn had arrived.

I have another cheery note to share with you. Although it's not about the birds or the bees it is about butterflies.

Yesterday I got almost teary-eyed on the way home from a social gathering. Now, no one has ever called me a Social Butterfly, or as someone could flit seamlessly from one group of people to the next without a hitch, but inside I knew something was missing.

Take a look at that beauty. No, I mean really look at it. See the exquisite detail on those less-than-paper thin wings? ( I keep wanting to call them petals!)

I never knew. or even thought of it until yesterday that butterfly wings can be torn, damaged, yet then can survive.

I was a butterfly wrapped up in a cocoon of innocence during my childhood but the day of awakening came, I emerged and discovered much to my heart-wrenching dismay that I couldn't fly like the other human butterflies around me. I had been damaged during that cocoon stage.

Being with other 'butterflies' made the pain seem so much worse. I knew I was lacking something, and no it wasn't money or being a certain personality type.

Some people crochet, others make exquisite creations out of glass and so on but I met the One who created butterflies!

Last night when I was chatting away with my friends it came to me that I was more than just happy in a vague sort of way, I was bubbling over with joy. For a long time now that broken wing has been mended by the gentle hands of the Creator, and yesterday was just one of those evenings I couldn't stop singing "thank you, thank you, thank you" in my heart.

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