The Drowning
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The Drowning

Hey, I've been fooling around on the computer again, today. Anyone that knows me well will take that for granted. But I was not writing on a book, although I love that just about as much as breathing. THIS is what I was doing. See the picture below. Tell me your honest opinion. Is it too dark? Too amateur-looking? Does the write up catch your eye?

Okay, I will continue bearing my heart. My books are floundering at the bottom of the sea, with millions (no kidding!) of other manuscripts fighting to get a breath of fresh air above me.

They say: use the right keywords, so I did, and guess what, my books are sitting pretty right next to Best Sellers. Did I knock my socks running to the bank with a thousand-dollar check? Nope. So what next? Get reviews? Huh??? How do you get reviews from people who don't want to read books that don't have reviews?

Friends and family, please, have pity! Tell me how to survive in this sea of writers?😭😳🤓And as always like and or share if you have an atom of pity for me in your heart.

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