Take the Donkeys and Flee!
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Take the Donkeys and Flee!

Hey I discovered this in a back file. Looks like it never got sent off so you'll get a double dose of 'Cheery Notes' this morning.

We've all know that varied misfortunes cause people to forsake their native land and turn towards unknown terrors in order to find safety. In the book Around Smoldering Coals, which I am editing, there was an unexpected twist in their plans. I will let you get a glimpse of what happened, but then I must get back to work.

Nestor flung himself off the animal, white-faced and breathless.

"Hurry!" he shouted! "Word is out that Christians are escaping. Search parties are everywhere!"

"What happened to the cart with our belongings?"

"I managed to hear about the search soon enough, so left it at the shop. Manasseh will unload it and see that everything is smuggled back to the catacombs."

"But what will we do without our stuff?"

"You will have to go without! Escape, escape with your life!"

"Take just what you can carry," Aaron interrupted. "The animals will slow you down and draw unwelcome attention to you."

"What? No animals," Damaris yelped, "No chickens, no goats: no extra bedding, no fabric?"

"Take the donkeys. I can spare them since you won't be using the oxen. Hauling a cart through the woods wouldn't work. And it's too dangerous to take the more travelled ways."

"But where will we go?"

Aaron pulled at his hair. "Footpaths cross our land. Several lead through a wooded area. You will miss the checkpoints that way. Don't travel along the highways. Nestor will lead you."

Just hope that those catacomb dwellers will know how to ride those sometimes ill-mannered burden bearers and will not be dangerously thwarted in their plans!

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