Reading in the Magic Key to Take You Where You Want to Be
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Reading in the Magic Key to Take You Where You Want to Be

I love that catchy phrase but now I am going to reword it in my own language. (Where's a fancy script when I need it?)

Writing is the magic key to take me where I want to be. Oh, how I love writing. I'm working on a book such as I have never seen anywhere before. Mind you, that sure has an effect on my thought-pattern.

Writing about AD 70 in the Alps of Italia swings me back into an entirely different time which brings so many questions. What would it be like to be snowed in, literally snowed in on a vast mountainside? Perhaps the fresh meat is running low and you can't even run to the kitchen to pop a piece of pizza into the microwave? How did they put up with each other when even the act of stretching their feet would encroach on someone else's space? How in the world did they keep the baby from reaching for one of those beautiful glowing coals in the firepit?

I've got to beat it, the First Century is calling me!

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