Look What's Growing Around Here
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Look What's Growing Around Here

Hey, folks, it's time for another post. Life is so...FUN ....around here, that I'm just spilling over with enthusiasm. The rain is spilling from the sky, also, but who cares, in our country 'May showers bring June flowers' so no one's crying in the soup about it. Not that I know of, at least. My husband is enjoying it by puttering around outside, but me? Recently he has been extending the length of our deck but took a break from that for today. I would rather write. We already went for a walk in the park, with our popular, friendly, beautiful dog. (Don't get me started on that topic.)

Okay, since I love flowers so much, hold on for a minute while I stroll around for beautiful blossom images that! Yuppers, our daffodils are blooming and that is sure a cheery sight through the dining room window.

The ones on the east side of our charming picket fence aren't blooming yet, so I'm looking forward to their radiant, happy faces after these are exhausted from trying so hard to cheer us up. Hey, can anyone tell me why, when I type 'spring blossoms' in the search bar up pops all kinds of fruit tree flowers? Since when were pansies, daffodils, tulips and other flowers banished from the blossom kingdom?

Okay, I ought to throw in a word or two about my books since that's what my website is supposedly about, but excuse me, I can't even find an excuse not to! (WHAT kind of phrase was THAT??) Good night, and I'm eager to find out if Damaris is huddling around Smouldering Coals about now, or if she's stomping out wheat kernels with her 'barbarian' neighbours? (Impetuous girl that she is.)

By the way, even if you don't usually read books about Bible characters, I think you might find Mary'am's Memories fascinating just from a historical perspective. After all, it's 'planted' by the same author as Around Smouldering Coals, which is still trying mighty hard to grow from a humble acorn to a towering oak, or should I say book? Yes, Yes Mary'am's Memories can be found on Amazon even though I haven't updated it on my web yet. Remember the words

Marilyn Friesen will get you to my other books as well.

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