Let Me Lend You a Hand
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Let Me Lend You a Hand

YA-hooo! It's working, and I'm over-the-top with excitement. I want you to also breathe in the pure, rare air of success. We self-publishers are a plucky bunch. We've got to be because we have to make our way to the peak of a mountain of manuscripts with our precious volume to be noticed. It's a mighty tough climb but thrilling to find someone who will lend us a helping hand. Which I did.

From dragging books around that seemed super-heavy but invisible to having them discovered and better yet, purchased is great! Choosing the right keywords on Amazon made a big difference. I'd like to hear your success story if helps you make more sales.


The next step: convincing Someone to read AND comment on my book if it has few reviews at the present, that may be a challenge. Hey, let's swap books and reviews. :.>]

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