I Meant to Cheer You
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I Meant to Cheer You

Hi there, I'm back again! Even here in northern Alberta where the summer days are long I managed to get up before the sun. My alarm goes off at five, so what causes the inner alarm to think that a half-hour earlier is entirely acceptable? Excuse all the yawning. (Pat, pat, pat.)

Even Grammarly knows that I'm not up to snuff this early and is hovering over my shoulder with her little red marking pen.

Yesterday evening we once again had a little insight into how vast and varied this world is. Here I was snuggling up in my coziest bathrobe because I had earlier dashed out into the rain to tend to my little water garden before a mini gully destroyed it. So I was sitting cozy enjoying a cup of tea my daughter made for me when a WhatsApp video call came in.

Talk about sweltering heat! My poor friend in the Philippines was constantly wiping away perspiration while I had been shivering moments earlier.

This was meant to send you off with a cheery smile but if I don't 'hit the hay' neither you nor I will understand the gibb

erish these fingers will come up with. Have a good day.

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