Could You Have Survived In AD 70?
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Could You Have Survived In AD 70?

Could I? Let’s say we hopped on a Time-Travel machine to go on an adventure for, um, a month. We could go to any era we wanted to and chose AD 70. We decided to travel with some Christianus refugees who were fleeing to the Alps from Rome because of the dreadful persecution. Could you keep up with the crowd? Would they know what they were doing or blunder on mindlessly?

In my book Around Smouldering Coals, I am imitating this imaginary experience as closely as possible, except without the time-travel thrown in, and it’s sure food for thought. There are so many things different from what we are used to, and how did they handle it?

Okay, we have landed in this unheard-of village in the Alps and the Time Machine’s clock-mechanism gets stuck. Will you panic and work feverishly to correct it, or decide it’s just great living in this era?

You decide, and let me know in the comments below.

Another thought: what advantages and disadvantages did they have that we don’t?

By the way, since I am fascinated with the people and lifestyles from long-ago, the book Mary’am’s Diary covers the history and culture at her time quite vividly.

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