Can Your Donkey Gallop?
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Can Your Donkey Gallop?

Okay, here I am again. You might not be feverishly excited about my latest book rolling off the press, but I would like to generate a little enthusiasm. It's called Damaris (Around Smouldering Coals) and to get your own pile of coals heating up a bit I'm giving you a cool (ha, ha) offer on a book that is quite similar. Jump on your donkey and gallop over to Amazon to check out what a good price you can get on Mary'am's Diary right now. Especially on the eBook.

If you like Mary'am's Diary I think you will love Damaris, because if I may say so myself, I think my writing is improving.

Okay, I predicted this book to be hot off the press by the end of the month, but some new ideas popped up to fill it out more, so I'm really burning the midnight oil.

Cheerios, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen and all that good stuff. And, oh, just one more thing. A review would be great! People judge a book by the reviews and they don't even have to be five stars to get checked out.

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