Merry Christmas from Mary'am


Let's just assume you haven't spotted my author's page on Amazon so I'll make it easy for you and let you read it right here. How's that for a time-saver? By the way, if you're frantically searching for a book for that adorable reader on your list you could choose one of mine. Mary'am's Memories will sweep you--or Someone!--right into that Christmasy spirit if that's what they are hankering for.

Now I will step aside with a bow so you may peruse the Author's Biography.

Marilyn Friesen: I am a joyful mother and grandmother and I also love writing and being an Air BNB hostess. If you gravitate towards books about Christian-based history, check mine out. They are family-friendly and enjoyed by all ages. Two Mothers, Twin Daughters was called heartbreaking and compelling by someone who really knows books. (Whatever that means!) My latest project that I recently completed is fascinating. I was asked to write an autobiography for seven children who lost their mother back in 1923. The more research I turned up the more intrigued I became with the story and surrounding history. You'll be amazed at how much the world has changed both for the bad and good in nearly 100 years.

I was touched by what some people say about the book Mary's Diary. (See my reviews on Amazon.) Mary'am's Memories Now that Christmas is brightening the horizon why not follow the Star back to the manger and read about Jesus' life from his darling mother's viewpoint?

  • ISBN-10: 1545582513

  • ISBN-13: 978-1545582510

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