Have you ever really thought about how vast this land of Canada is? Our finite minds can not possibly wrap around such information. We took a memorable excursion deep into the northern section of our country.      No, I take that back. Sure we went a long, long way north, but there was so much beyond us. So much. At first we were humming along past such lush wilderness; huge trees, green grass, and yes, even plenty of dandelions. But as we motored along, it became increasingly evident that even the trees were skimpier. Imagine driving and hardly even aware of how late it was getting because the sun is so high in the sky. It was a refreshing and exhilarating experience--almost like being given a second chance to relive the evening, or something, if you know what I mean.

We were intrigued that the waitress at the Salt and Pepper Restaurant came from near Hong Kong about thirteen years ago. Did she come there to hide when the communists took over?? 


O.K. Enough for now. I want to see if I can't find some neat pictures to go with this post.   I was fascinated with the different swirls and dips on various pieces of driftwood we picked up by the sandy but...c-c-chilly shores of the Greater Slave Lake. (No "we" didn't use the lake to ship slaves to the north pole, or something.) There is a tribe of Indians--oops, natives, in that area called Slavey's. I collected some driftwood and tried my hand at making souvenir pieces for myself. Our small, silvery blue car was often the only vehicle in sight as we zipped along towards Yellowknife.

It was a disappointment to arrive at the ferry after the last one had left for the night, but at least we got to see the mighty McKenzie River and the midnight sun. Since then they have put a bridge in. On the way back we enjoyed a full moon, and probably saw the same bear both coming and going. I am a firm believer that God created animals with distinct personalities, and this guy had a little more curiosity, and a little less fear of the traffic whizzing by on the highways than many of his fellow creatures.


P.S. It wasn't all that much fun trying to rest my weary body in that cramped car as we wended all the way back to Hay River to find a place for the night.


P.S. I wish I could spend the time to share with you all the pretty, out of the way waterfalls we tramped along narrow paths to see. One even had a double rainbow to view, but I think I was charmed most by a tiny one and wished we could imitate it in our backyard somewhere. Be assured a description of it will likely show up in my book about First Century Christians.


If you are planning a trip to the North West Territories or anywhere in northern Canada or United State, there's a nice bed and breakfast off of Highway 43 for you to check out and rest your weary bones.  Beds, Books and Beyond is my website where you can find more information. www.marilynshistoricalnovels.com Please don't be confused by the misnomer.

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