is this marketinG?

Do you want me to tell you something that is really hard to do? I love writing. Yup, I can do it all day, no problem.  This may sound a bit goofy, but I actually enjoy editing a manuscript more than the original draft! Yes, I really do! Old Mrs. Grammerly or whoever 'it' gives me a hard time about things like wordiness which some I ignore, but hey, editing is like opening up one of those marvellous hand fans and the wider you open it, the clearer the picture is. Invariably when I edit, I end up inserting a paragraph here, a dialogue there. And the image is unfolding.
    Oh, ooooh! I did an absolute no-no. Hopefully, I didn't lose too many of you because of it. Well, er, I thought it would be easier to explain if I first said what I like to do. Okay, yes, yes that's so true that I love writing, but I find it really hard to pound out a little pep talk for LINKED-IN, for example, so it gets put off. 
So now what? I'm supposed to advertise my books, they say, but it is way more fun just writing it?
So tell me, please, can, oops I mean, may I throw in a page from the awesome book I am working on and call it marketing?
Hint: If I see the number of people who checked out my website goes up, I will think I got away with it. So... here goes...

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