Hollyhock Haven driveway
You're almost here! Come on down and enjoy the blessings of a country vacation.
Majestic trees
Revel in the splendor of majestic spruce trees on three sides of our acreage.
Time to Relax
We are eager to get to know you but if you value your privacy we will respect that, to.
guest room
There's a bed waiting for you when you are ready for it with a reputation of being soo comfortable.
Kitchen Table
Snack time or breakfast, either way look forward to good food and good memories.
Freerange chickens by Coop (2014_03_08 16_04_56 UTC)
There is something so comfortingly-country about caring for happy hens.
Hollyhock Haven begonia
If you can, take time to enjoy the flowers or snack on some berries if they are in season.
inviting walking trail
One of my favorite hiking trails is even closer than the lake.
Fire Wood
Let us know ahead of time if you want to visit or eat 'around smoldering coals'.
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